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Shapes, volumes and textures are part of our daily life. Without being aware of it, the objects that surround us contribute to mark our presence, our existence.

The virtual being now omnipresent, it only succeeds in filling ephemeral moments, and this with each mechanical "swipe".

The visual contact of a printed photo freezes a moment in time and transports us at each glance to that precise moment; a real daily micro-hapiness.

The simple and different object is designed and built with passion, it has a unique appeal, it challenges. It is used every day, it incites to create and to slow down. Far from the "quickly built, quickly thrown away"


Our team is guided by one thing; a passion for creating objects and images. The desire to be surrounded by beautiful and good people, everywhere.

Nordicade took shape during a trip to Iceland where the enigmatic northern landscapes of the island inspire us. An unparalleled simplicity, purity and tranquility that ignites our creativity.

The black sand of eastern beaches, the slate grey of basalt columns and wool blankets, the plywood of houses in the middle of nature; all these images form the guidelines of our creations.
Nordicade projet et equipe



Nordicade is a workshop on a human scale, simple and honest. We design and manufacture our products locally in our space located in Montreal. Our passion is to offer pure Nordic-inspired objects that are simple and useful wherever they will be used (home, office, boutique space).

Isabelle, a graphic designer for 20 years, has always known that image and typography is her playground. She leaves her mark on everything she touches. You have undoubtedly come across her work in magazine pages, posters, flyers and object packaging.

Michel, carves wood since he was a little boy in his father's old workshop. Studying architecture and design, he has always been navigating in the creative universe. In his spare time, he renovates buildings and makes furniture.

We have shaped it over the years and here is the humble culmination of this winding and inspiring road; Nordicade. 

Isabelle & Michel, Nordicade